VPN Instructions

To access the VPN, you need to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on your device.  The client is compatible with Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, most versions of Linux, current versions of iOS devices, and current versions of Android devices.

We remind you of the critical need to keep your computer updated with the latest OS patches and latest anti-virus updates. When on the VPN, your computer becomes an extension of the SUU network, and thus becomes a point of entry for malicious activity. We also remind you that any sensitive data should not be access via mobile devices.


Installation Instructions (Windows/Mac):  In a browser, go to http://lightning.suu.edu.  You will be prompted for your campus username and password.  The installer will go through a checklist and install the needed components.  Not all components will be required, so don't be concerned if not all items are checked. Upon successful installation, the final step is to initiate the VPN connection.  If the final "Connected" box is checked, then you have successfully installed the client and connected to the SUU VPN.  Please note the location of the AnyConnect VPN icon in your respective operating system, before you close the browser. In some instances, the client does not install successfully. In those cases, you need to download and run the installer manually. A link will be provided to you to download the installer.

Installation Instructions (iOS/Android): For iOS devices, search the App Store for Cisco AnyConnect and install the app. For Android devices, search Google Play for Cisco AnyConnect and install the app.


Connecting to the VPN (Windows/Mac):  You can log into the VPN either through a web browser by going to http://lightning.suu.edu, or through the VPN software now installed on your computer.  To connect via the client software, simply launch the AnyConnect client, enter lightning.suu.edu for where to connect to and click Connect. Enter your campus credentials, and click Connect.

Connecting to the VPN (iOS/Android): Launch the AnyConnect app, make sure you are connecting to lightning.suu.edu, enable the VPN, enter your credentials and tap Connect.


Disconnecting from the VPN (Windows/Mac): To disconnect from the VPN simply launch the AnyConnect client and click Disconnect.

Disconnecting from the VPN (iOS/Android): To disconnect from the VPN simply launch the AnyConnect app and turn off the VPN.

As mentioned earlier, when you connect to the VPN, your computer becomes an extension of the SUU network.  Therefore, if you are on a home network, any local network resources (printers, storage devices, etc.) are not available to you while connected to the VPN.  In order to access these resources, you would need to disconnect from the VPN.  This does not include directly attached resources.  You will still have access to any directly attached printers or storage devices while connected to the VPN.